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Finding textile shops stocking a wide range of low cost fabrics
Though there are a large number of factories and companies supplying western clothes for men and women in different sizes, in many parts of the world, especially in tropical areas, there are no brands or factories which supply clothes which are suitable for a large section of the population. In this case, people prefer to purchase fabrics, textiles from textile shops and get them stitched according to their personal needs. Depending on the budget available and time a person is willing to spend researching the textile shops, a retail customer can purchase fabric at a low price to make clothes.
In large cities, there are specialized clothes markets, where different varieties of fabrics are available at a relatively low cost. In smaller towns and suburbs of a city, there are a few vendors and textile shops which sell dress material or fabric which their customers can purchase according to their personal preference and either gift it to others, stitch clothes themselves or get it tailored from a specialized tailor
A few decades ago, textile brands like Reliance, Bombay Dyeing, Century advertised extensively and people flocked to their stores to purchase polyester, cotton and other fabrics. With development of lycra, and stretchable fabric blends clothes can be worn by a larger range of people without much customization. Today while local garment shops may advertise in small town newspapers, there is little national advertising of fabrics. The Liva range of fabrics from a major textile manufacturer was the last textile brand which was advertised in national newspapers.
For women and men who find that only a limited range of ready made clothes, home furnishings are available, and often too expensive for their limited budget, purchasing the textiles from the various textile shops can be a cost effective and better option as the clothes can then be designed to flatter their figure. Unlike other information available on other subjects on the internet, there is very little information available on textiles and fabrics online, though India is one of the largest exporters of garments in the world
In any town or city there are a large number of textile shops, and the best way to find out about the fabrics available is to visit at least some of the textile shops and find the range of fabrics avaiable. Designing and stitching clothes from fabrics can be a relaxing and productive activity for people of all ages, especially domain investors and Paypal account holders in India who are falsely accused of being addicted to the internet. Clothes which are used regularly get spoiled or worn out in a short period of time , so most people need to purchase clothes for themselves and their family members. If they stitch their own clothes they will save money and time searching for clothes which will fit properly.
A list of textile shops with reviews in different cities in India is being compiled for reference, and use by professionals in the textile trade like textile mills and individuals interested in purchasing fabric, textiles. For more details of the textile shops list, and a free listing send details to info@webconcepts.in. At present this list consists of textile shops compiled using offline methods
A large quantity for fabric has also been purchased for research and making clothes, fabrics and accessories like bags, cushion covers, wiping cloth, from various textile shops. Details of the textile mills which are supplying fabric to the major textile shops can also be provided, please send an email to info@webconcepts.in for details
Unfortunately when domain investors and Paypal account holders in India withdraw some money from their Paypal account for food and purchasing fabric, textiles from various textile shops, paranoid unprofessional security and intelligence agency officials falsely claim that the money will be misused to cause a security threat. How can purchasing fabric be a threat to national security.It is time people are aware of how indian tax payer money is being wasted to cause great pain to small business owners, especially domain investor to ruin their health and finances. Any organization which can help end the daily human rights abuses, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to info@webconcepts.in
Suppliers of different fabrics, textile, low cost stocklots interested in a free listing and review of their website, textiles can send an email to info@webconcepts.in. Can purchase factory rejects, surplus, fabric, textile costing Rs 15 per meter or less in large quantities . The website is currently under construction
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